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We are a professional, authorized and certified phone system dealer located in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.

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Over 20 Years of unmatched PBX service

Having trouble navigating the ins and outs of updating or replacing your existing telephone systems? We can help!

We provide PBX telephone systems for use in small, medium and large businesses. We also offer VoIP Telephone Line Service - at a fraction of the cost of regular (POTS) Plain Old Telephone Service lines... 

Telecommunications technology has changed for the better - If your older phone system is aging, and in need of replacement - talk to us first!

Most solutions on the market today can cost you several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. And, many offer THE EXACT SAME FEATURES.

There are serveral brands available on the market today - Avaya, Cisco, FortiVoice, Norstar, Aastra AT&T, Panasonic, Alcatel, Grandstream, NEC - to name a few...

But did you know that most are based on the Asterix platform? Yup  - The exact same system and features in a nutshell.

Most PBX phone system manufacturers offer their system pre-programmed with basic features - you then have to pay separately for added functionality or increased growth options...

That's where we come in!

Our select solutions can save you thousands of dollars right from the start.

The LOW COST business solutions we provide are designed with all features included - with-out having to pay extra to enable as needed functions that should be included - ALL-IN.

• You don't need to pay for extra seat licensing.
• You don't need to pay for per feature use cost.
• You don't need to pay for extras that should be INCLUDED!

Contact us in Ajax, Ontario (The Durham Region) Canada - for a consultation and quote. We can show you how to save - right from the start!

SAVE when you buy a new phone system

Our affordable PBX phone systems are IP based.

With all the new breeds of systems on the market - it can be hard to navigate what system is right for you.

The solutions we carry are FULL FEATURED and you do NOT pay extra to enable all those features, unlike other systems on the market!

Make it simple - talk to us first!

Consider VoIP Telephone line service

Traditional Analog Telephone Line service is becoming a more and more costly service to use these days.

VoIP line service is less expensive - and just as reliable and BETTER SOUND QUALITY when used with our phone systems. Infact - most people don't even realize: common carrier lines are ALL VoIP based. The difference is - the line to your building is usually converted to "lower quality analog" service to your demarcation point.

The same is true for  "Cable company line service". It's delivered to a box in your building using "VoIP, then converted back down to Analog Line Service".

Talk to us today to find out how you can save 50% or more on better telecommunication service from us!

Replacing aging equipment

Our solution also come packed with new features and technologies not found in older analog systems.
Installation with our solutions can be completed in less time...

In as little as 1 hour, depending on your office size, we can install your new equipment quickly and painlessly.

You'll be back up and running in no time at all! 

No downtime installation, and no hassle!