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Small, medium and large office phone systems for businesses in Oshawa, Ontario Canada needing professional telecommunication equipment. Loaded with lots of PBX calling features and solutions to suit your business!

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Office Phone System - All Features included

Why use an in-house PBX Small Business Phone System?

When you rent or use online Hosted PBX solutions - you could be out of service for a long time in some cases. When you use your own in-house phone system - you maintain control of it. So your iternet does down? Your power is out due to electrical failure? Your SIP Trunk provider's host server is offline?

You're then cut-off from your hosted solution and from making or receiving telephone calls until one or more of third party services comes back online.

When you manage and use your own in house IP-PBX solution - you always have a back-up and access to your phone system and telephone lines. No downtime! We can help you assess your company telecommunication needs and put in the right solution and back-up plan in place.

Fully loaded Phone Systems with-out licensing costs...

  • Voicemail with Voicemail-to-email options
  • Auto Admins (IVR - Interactive Voice Response Systems)
  • Conference calling and scheduling services
  • Call center set-up (Ring Groups, caller queues, auto call back, supervised/coach monitoring of calls)
  • CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • Live Call recording
  • Music on hold
  • Fax to email / fax send receive functions on system
  • Plus loads of other configurable features!

Also includes Multi-company call functions and other BIG Business Telephone System features - all at an affordable Small Business Cost!

Design for business telecommunications...

Our phone systems are designed with with lots of configurable features and options!
You can use them for small offices, remote offices, larger corporate call centers and more.
These systems offer both the flexibility of LOW COST PBX analog and VoIP trunk line service in one.

Both in house and remote workers can connect and share the telephone line service for your company - while reducing calling costs and streamlining workflow for all your telphone communication needs!

Make it simple - talk to us first!

Certified and Authorized Installer

ORE / PBX has been a leading telephone system installer for over 20 years.

Not only do we have a wide installation base through-out the Durham Region, including: Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering and Whitby - we have PBX Phone System customers right across Canada.

The systems we carry cover price points and options for all sizes of business and can be scaled depending on your individual company needs. Starting small - even with only 1 working in an office? No problem! 

Or, have a large installation for which you need dedicated configuration, installation and ongoing support? No Problem!

Still using expensive Analog Lines?

Talk to our sales reps and find out more about using VoIP SIP Trunking telephone line options!

You will be surprised at the higher HD Audio Quality, reliability and cost savings when switching over to VoIP telephone line service with us!

Don't rely on unreliable Hosted PBX Solutions - use your own in house phone system!

enjoy the freedom and cost saving benefits