Loaded with BIG BUSINESS Class Features, including:

Call recording and call center functions, auto-admin, voicemail, extension set-up and dual analog voip telephone line service capabilities, plus tonnes of other features!

All the features - no extra cost

Why pay monthly or for other licensing costs. OWN YOUR OWN PBX PHONE SYSTEM at a LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (LOW-TOC) with ALL INCLUSIVE FEATURES. No extra hidden costs and no monthly service or licensing fees!

All features are included in the phone system already. You don't pay extra to activate and use them, and you don't pay to add/delete users when you need to. That's one of the BIG advantages to owning your own "In House" phone system.

With our systems - firmware updates are also always FREE! With each new firmware update NEW FEATURES are added with-out taking away old features.

PBX System Feature List

Main Phone System Features


They are highly customizable to the way your company works!

Global Company Features

Multi-company Support
Run multiple companies through one system. Separated outbound lines, inbound calls, IVR, and other segregated company or departmental features.

Multi-Language Support
English / French / Chinese /  Spanish / Portuguese / German / Russian / Italian / Polish / Czech for WebGUI.

Multi-Branch / Office Peering
Connect multiple office or branches across the country.

Local & Remote Worker Extensions

Call Center Support with Supervisor Monitoring and PC control center options
Call Center Reporting Features
Call Monitoring: Whisper / Listen / Barge

Live Call Recording Server

Conference Scheduling with conference rooms (User code access, Admin), recording functions / Conference bridge, group email  & scheduling reminder notifications

Music On Hold
Global and at user extension level, personal music on hold

Web GUI Admin console
HTTPS / HTTP, Super Admin, Admin and User level privileges, Onsite and Remote Admin access, Strong Password Enforcement, TLS encryption

Global Features Con't...

Mode Switching / Time of Day Scheduling Modes

Other Global Features
Call duration limit
Multi-level user access & restrictions
Custom dialing plans
Global speed dial
LDAP / XML directory phonebooks
blacklist functions (callers / network/internet IP's)
Asterisk feature codes
Diagnositics: Network & SIP trace

Fax / T.38 support - Fax in/out and fax-to-email features

Automated Back-ups
(System and call detail / call recording records), Local, USB/SD Card and NAS location back-up

Email Features
System admin email notifications
Global user email templates

Built in SIP Video Features
With compatible models, for point to point Video Calling and Video Conferencing

Admin Extension &

Single and batch extension set-up / Global Extension template configuration

Global end-point (IP Extensions) template and set-up features

Multi-device user extension registrations, desk, PC and mobile devices

Ring multiple extension locations at once

Follow-me / out to cell phones

SIP Video Calling Support: H.264, H.263 or H.263+ codecs

Call Handling
& Routing Functions

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / Auto-Attendant
Multilevel, custom voice prompts in several languages: English, Chinese, British English, German, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic.

Company Directory / Dial-by-name Directory

Ring to different locations, multiple locations, or groups for specific lines.

Other Standard Call Routing Functions

Flexible inbound call rules

Hunt groups

Flexible outbound calling rules

Ring groups / extension groups

Call transfer

Call queue

Call routing

Call hold

Group paging / overhead paging

Call park / un-park Orbit

Call bridge / DISA features

Call back

Pick-up groups

Group voicemail

Prerecorded announcement center

DID - Direct inward dialing


Extension User Features

Voicemail, Voicemail to email (with sound file)

Programmable Individual phone button features (depending on phone model)

Extension user phonebooks

Mobile Device App Extension (Separate free app download available - Android and iPhone/IOS)

Available / Busy / Away features / specified voicemail message & greetings

Call forward / call busy forwarding

FOLLOW-ME Features
Out to mobile phone
Ring simultaneous locations

DND-Do Not Disturb

Agent pause / unpause
Agent log in / out

Personal Name directory greeting

Hot-desking - log in/out of multiple phone termination points

Ext. Features Con't...

Auto-record Live Calls
Auto-record calls on/off, record on demand

Personal Music-on-hold

Time of day / scheduling modes

Concurrent end-point SIP Registrations per extension allowed

Internal and External Extensions

Remote Worker Extensions

Restricted Use Extensions

User level webGUI interface access

Fax / T.38 support
Fax from PC, webGUI interface functions + fax to email

Enable / disable extension

WebRTC Support

SIP Video - depending on phone model

Customizable screen Images on company phones

Other Configurable Highlights

Personal webGUI interface
Local and remote access

PC screen dialing / call record console on supported phones

Web-based audio and video calling, on PC's with mic & camera

Register multiple end-points / devices to one extension, ring at once. IE:  Desk, cordless and mobile app phone

BLF / Programmable quick access functions and personal speed dial buttons on supported phones

Other System & User Features

WebRTC - PC Browser VIdeo and Audio Calling

Desktop Browser Calls with Video & Conferencing

• System includes PC / MAC browser based user calling
• WebGUI Login with Extension user details
• Call from anywhere, anytime
• Place either Audio or face-to-face Video calls
• Hold conference calls with groups

Cell Phone App - VIdeo and Audio Calling

Make calls from your cell phone - just as if at the office

• Cell phone app works with your existing desk extension
• Ring both devices at once
• Whether in the office or travelling - call from the office
• Place either Audio or face-to-face Video calls
• Works with your data plan or on WiFi with your mobile device