Phone System for Business
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Need a new phone system for your Home office or Small Business? We can help you find the right telecommunication system for your needs!

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Great for TORONTO small Business...

For over 20 years, has been providing phone systems to small businesses in Toronto, Ontario and right across Canada.

Not only do we provide a broad range of great hardware solutions - we take care of our customers after sales too! In fact, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched systems support long after your phone system is first installed. 

Our solutions are matched perfectly to most small business, home office users and medium to large business alike.

Our current solution, Grandstream, releases updates regularly - and they include NEW FEATURES with-out taking the old ones away...

Our Services:

  • Professional Installation on site, or ship for plug-in ready-to-use.
  • Full dedicated support service plans, emergency plans and more!
  • Reliable and cost efficient phone system hardware solutions.
  • VoIP (Voice-overIP) telephone line service.
  • Other related services, such as:  IVR and Music-on-Hold professional voice recordings.
  • Short-term phone system rentals.
  • Set-up and customization services (before and after sales with support plans).

On-Premise Phone Systems

Why pay monthly or for other licensing costs with Hosted PBX Solutions?

Own your own On-Premise system for less than you would expect. We offer one of the lowest Total Ownership Cost solutions (Low TOC) and ALL INCLUSIVE FEATURE telcommunication solutions on the market. No extra hidden costs and no monthly service or licensing fees!

You don't pay extra to activate and use functions, and you don't pay to add / delete users and features when you need to.

That's still one of the BIG advantages to owning your own phone system.   Read more...

Impressive Features...

Packed with tonnes of BIG BUSINESS FEATURES.
Designed for your small business budget...