On-Premise PBX Phone Systems

All our IP-PBX Phone system solutions are On-Premise PBX Phone Systems which you house in house, and on site.

Full features with no extra charges, no monthly fees or subscriptions. Scalable and expandable as your needs grow.

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On-Site Phone System vs. Hosted Solutions

On-premise telecommunication and PBX system are still the most reliable, trusted and preferred method to communicate. Keeping your phone system, in your office, offers the LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP vs. hosted solutions and future proofs your business.

What's more - when you own your own office PBX System - you do NOT pay for extra features you normally would with 'hosted solutions'. You also don't get locked into term contracts or commitments that affect your capacity to grow and chew into your bottom financial line.

All our IP-PBX Phone Systems offer full feature rich options and small hardware footprints with low power consumption. Enjoy the benefits of NOT having to pay for expansion and optional features like you do with monthly hosted plans.

Why an on-site / on-premise phone system?

The LOW COST business phone solutions we provide are designed with all features included - with-out having to pay extra to enable as needed functions that should be included.

• Expandable and upgradeable as you need.
• No licensing costs for users or adding new seats.
• You don't need to pay for 'per feature use'.
• You have full access to features - ALL INCLUDED!


Save thousands of dollars - right from the start.

We've helped small, medium and large businesses alike for over 20 years.

Don't make the mistake of signing up for monthly plans, online hosted or third party phone solutions with-out talking to us first. You could be throwing valuable costs - right out the door!

Contact us  - for a consultation and quote on your next business telephone solution.

Need a new phone system?

All our phone systems are designed to be quickly added to your network. Simply plug them in a go!

Add users, extensions, use features and options that specifically cater to YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR NEEDS. On-Premise phone systems means - YOU'RE IN CONTROL.

We're always here to help with our Remote Support and Emergency Support Plans. No Muss, No Fuss!

Make it Easy - talk to us first!

On-Site - VoIP Saves You

Traditional Analog Telephone Line service is becoming a more and more costly service to use these days. We have seen some customers being charged in excess of $500.00 per month for 5 or 6 telephone lines...

VoIP line service is less expensive

Has BETTER SOUND QUALITY because it's all Digital

Most people don't even realize: common carrier lines are ALL VoIP based. The difference is - the line to your building is usually converted to "lower quality analog" service to your demarcation point.

Talk to us today to find out how you can save 50% or more on better telecommunication service from us!

No longer "Complicated"...

With today's IP-PBX Based On-Premise Phone systems - installation and replacement of old telecommunication equipment is EASY. With our Full Set-up Service, you can simply plug-n-play.

Nearly every business these days already has networking and internet service in place. That's all you need now!

Whether plugging in your old phone lines, or moving over to VoIP Telephone Service - you can easily transition to a new phone system in the time it takes to unpack the phones and phone system, and plug it into your network.

It's that easy!