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For a fraction of the cost, we offer affordable and feature packed Small Business PBX Phone solutions for your company's telecommunication needs...

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Better Telecommunication Solutions

IP telephone systems have changed the way we work and communicate with our customers, our vendors and our other business contacts.

With the introduction of IP based business phone solutions and telephone line services - a whole new world of features and freedom from high cost telephone lines has evolved!

Want to save thousands of dollars?

If your older phone system is aging, and in need of replacement - talk to us first! If you're "just use" to using your older phone system - you don't know what you're missing!

New technology in IP and SIP based system allows for more advanced features, ease of use, and mobile connection solutions you never thought possible.

Want to save thousands of dollars a year on your telephone line services? No problem!

Need to schedule a conference call - and send out an email to all attendees as a reminder? No problem!

Have a business that uses houses multiple companies, or needs multi-level Auto Attendants for different departments? No Problem!

Need to set-up remote office workers to work from home - or on the road - using a mobile device SIP / VoIP app? No problem!

Want great customer service and reliable phone equipment or telephone line service? NO PROBLEM!

Do you need someone to handle your phone system administration and maintenance so you can focus on your day to day business? No Problem!

For over 20 years we have been servicing the Durham Region and customers across the country. We even remotely manage our customers' PBX Systems remotely for them in the US and Canada - nation wide!

Contact us in Pickering, Ontario - for a consultation and quote. Our solutions can save you thousands of dollars right from the start.

Reliant Customers - right across Canada!

Highest Quality and Customer Service!
Save Big!
Grow your system as your needs change!