Phone System Rentals - 

Looking for a complete PBX Phone System and High Speed Network Solution for your Political Party Campaign Office, temporary sales office, mobile office or call center?

SUPER FAST Campaign Phone System Rentals

Transportable Phone System RentalComplete High Speed WiFi Network and Telecommunications Campaign Kit in a box!

Our Transportable phone system and Network Rental Packages are built to suit your needs and are easy to set-up and take down in a matter of minutes!

We offer short term and long term phone system rental kits designed with High Definition HD VoIP telephone line service! Our all-in-one transportable box kit solutions provide you with super fast set-up just - plug in the power cord & your high speed internet and go!

pHONE sYSTEM & High Speed WiFi Network Kit Includes:

All items are locked and transported to you in a secured, durable and easy to move transport case.
All you do is open the kit, pull out the phones, plug in your internet cable, and power it up!

Our Political Party System Rental Kits include:

Super High Speed Router & Networking

  • Nothing but the most up to date, reliable and fastest technology.
  • Super Fast High Speed Router & network processing with dual core for multi-device connections.
  • Wide Area / High Density WiFi AC for spaces up to 20,000 square foot wireless coverage.
  • Connect up to 250 wired or WiFi devices.

HD (High Definition) PBX Phone System

  • Starter kit includes HD VoIP Telephone lines (4  trunks) and can be expanded as needed.
  • Phone System is customized and set-up specifically for your Campaign Office and call center.
  • Includes VoiceMail, Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, Conference rooms and more!
  • Customization available specifically for your Campaign office and your Electorial.

HD Reception Control Desk Phone & HD WiFi Office Phones

  • High Quality HD Reception phone, set-up and programmed to view all activity in the call center and campaign office on the go!
  • Base kits include 5 WiFi / Wireless phones for easy set-up and take down.
  • Add additional phones as needed to your kit.
  • Set-up for your Call-center, Signs office, Campaign manager and/or electorial during the election term!
  • Add more desk phones as required for your call center desks or operations.

Short Term & Long Term Rentals

  • Base rates start on a per month basis. Includes initial set-up fee & phone number / phone service.
  • Longer term rental rates available on a discount per monthly basis.

Political Party Phone Rentals

We know phone systems - we've been deploying them for campaigns and short or long term rental periods for over 20 years in the industry. With our campaign rental kit solutions we  securely manage your solutions to customize as your needs change during an election or as business dictates. 

Need to start small to save costs - then add more phones or telephone line service as your campaign picks up speed - NO PROBLEM! We're fast, affordable and committed to you!