Professional PBX Set-up & Support Services

Take the worry out of a new Phone System with our Professional and Experienced Services.

PBX Phone System Set-up

With our professional set-up services, we will gather all information needed to set-up your new phone system properly - right from the start.

We fully update, harden and secure your system for both internal and external services, VoIP Telephone Line service, and set-up those features you will use most. Including: extensions, telephone line / call routing features and IVR / Auto-Admin call menus. We also offer Professional IVR Recording services for your business.

Both your phone system, and extension phones will be shipped and arrive ready to use with simple plug-n-play installation. All you do is unpack your system, plug-in your telephone lines and network cords and power up the hardware.

Your phone system will also come with printed set-up instructions, and we'll even email you networking procedure for "what to do before it arrives" so you're ready when it arrives. Your system will be secured properly and extension users will also have a two page print out sheet so they can learn the basic features and functions to get going quickly and effortlessly.

We take the fuss and headache out of transitioning your old phone system, or installing a new system from day one!

Full instructions and ease of use

With the systems we professionally configure - it's set-up for ease of use by everyone.  We also send detailed,  easy to follow instructions, and additional "non-technical" user sheets, including:

▶  Extension user sheet, with calling and voicemail instructions.
▶  Administration set-up sheet (all your important system admin and user information).
▶  Condensed easy to follow Administration Guide - BUT, we are always just a phone call away for support too!

Dedicated Support & Managed PBX Services

Of course, we also offer dedicated support or managed system plans:

▶  Full Remote Support Plans, we're always just a phone call or an email away. Paid yearly, renewable.

▶  And/or, Fully Managed PBX Plans (where we manage the system entirely for you once it's installed). Paid yearly, renewable.

Our support plans also include off-site back-up storage, as well as FQDN (Domain name) for your phone system for advance feature use and our secure remote access to the system. We also do "Verified" firmware updates and perform routine phone systems checks quarterly, or sooner if required. Never let your system get out of date. Never miss an important feature or security update. And, get new features automatically with our Remote Support and Managed PBX Plans!

Remote Support Plan (RSP)

▶  Full Remote Support Plan, we're always just a phone call or an email away. Paid yearly, renewable.

FQDN (Domain name) for your PBX Phone System • Remote Firmware Updates (when required) • Off-site system configuration back-ups.
Also now includes: dedicated system email account, as some providers no longer support some hardware endpoint client email.

Managed PBX Plan (MPP)

▶  Includes features of Remote Support Plan (RSP), plus we Profesionally manage the system entirely for you once it's installed. Paid yearly, renewable.

Name and directory changes, feature changes for staff, and other configuration changes needed on a timely basis.

Extended Warranty & Emergency Replacement Plans

Don't let your business suffer if a terminal main box hardware issue occurs. Never worry about a main phone system breakdown, back-up restoration or lengthy warranty replacement process.... 

Breakdowns sometimes occur - lightening strikes, power surges, out-of-warranty period hardware failure, and a host of other worries. For an added yearly cost on top of our yearly support plans - you can have peace of mind!

We offer Extended Warranty Plans on our PBX Phone Systems, and Emergency Replacement Plans - with priority delivery service. In the event of hardware failure or terminal event - you can be back up and running with-in hours instead of days or weeks vs. most manufacturer's lengthy warranty processes.

Because our Support Plans include offsite back-up service - we keep your main system configuration file on hand. We simply install the configuration files on a replacement PBX System box, and ship the system to you to replace the old or failed one.

Extended Warranty Plan (EWP)

▶  Includes features of Remote Support Plan (RSP), plus added peace of mind with an Extended Warranty on your main PBX Phone System. Paid yearly, renewable.

This is an addon feature that covers your Main PBX Phone System only.
IP Desk, cordless and conference room phones are not covered as they are considered daily wear and tear items.

Emergency Replacement Plan (ERP)

▶  Priority replacement and delivery in the event of the Main PBX Box hardware failure or terminal event.

You can be back up and running with-in hours instead of days or weeks vs. most manufacturer's lengthy warranty processes. Paid yearly, renewable.

This is an addon feature for the Extended Warranty Plan (EWP).
The ERP add-on only covers the Main PBX Box. Phones and endpoints are not covered.