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Business phone systems no longer serve as a tool for simply making and receiving calls...

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An in house On-Premise Phone System is still the most preferred way to telecommunicate.

Lower costs means more capital to keep in your company. It's that simple.

For the cost of a small printer or computer - you can own your own phone system with ALL the same features and unlimited access to growth and expansion when you need it...

A Better Phone System for your business

Today's office PBX Phone Systems offer unified telecommunications allowing employees, vendors and customers to communicate by phone, video, and text. Why pay monthly fees for something that drives your business, and is essential to operating your company?

The business phone system market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with dozens of options to choose from.

This sometimes makes finding a telecommunication solution that's right for your small business a difficult task. At ORE / PBX we have worked with many phone systems over the years. While some telecommunications equipment usually offer the same features - the COST of using and enabling features ties to per seat licensing options in other solutions on the market.

That's where we come in. We work with ON-PREMISE phone systems with all-in features that are used by most small business companies. Our approach ensures your company's "growth potential needs" are met. And, we can offer your company the LOWEST Ownership Cost (TOC) when compared to all the options on the market today!

choosing the right small business phone system

If you are conscious about costs - you need to compare short term and long term costs when selecting a new phone system for your business. You also need to consider features vs. being restricted to accessing those features.

With more and more online (or, Hosted PBX Solutions) available on the market you will pay per user monthly, per feature or for feature sets and be locked into long term hard to break contracts. These solutions can often lead to additional problems like outages and internet and on site phone connection issues (which we have seen in 2021 quite often). This can lead to large periods of downtime and lost revenue your business needs.

When comparing Hosted PBX Solutions - you have to consider the fact that you still "Buy" the phones outright, and pay monthly for features and hosted system access. And if you leave, your phones will most likely not be able to be used elsewhere.

This is where you have major advantages in owning your own On-Premise Phone System!

On-premise phone system vs. Hosted Service

Our On-site - On-premise phone system:

  • Yes, you still have to pay for the phones and the main PBX Phone System box. But, cost of the main box is VERY LOW verses hosted monthly costs in today's market...
  • The cost per user for 10 users works out to $2.50 per user per month (or less) in comparison.
  • Full access to ALL FEATURES, with-out having to pay for feature use (whether you use those features or not).
  • Very little internet bandwidth load.
  • You can always have phone lines up and running, even with no internet service...
  • Back-up telephone line options when using VoIP telephone service.
  • No term contracts for phone service, when switching to Our VoIP from POTS line providers.
  • Initial hardware cost for 10 users:
    $3,000.00 for the first year only,
    (over 10 years = works out to $250.00/year)...

Hosted Service Solution - WHY?

(We'll say it again...WHY?)

  • Cost per user: usually about $25.00 PER MONTH. For 10 users - works out to $30,000 in costs over ten years.
  • You still have to "purchase" the phones (Average cost $120.00 per business phone).
  • Limitation on features, unless you pay for addons, or move to a higher paid plan model.
  • Uses 10x the bandwidth because each device connects through your internet / router / firewall.
  • Can be taxing on your internet bandwidth AND network (if you know the technical side of things).
  • Internet goes down - you have no phone service.
  • Hosted PBX companies usually lock you into a LONG TERM contract for phone services, features and users - which can be very costly to terminate the contract.

What's more, today's hardware for the main box takes up VERY LITTLE ROOM. About the size of a small router - the main box can be located almost anywhere you have power and a network connection.

Whether you choose to use analog lines (POTS - Plain old telephone service) or VoIP (Voice OverIP) line service, or a combination of both as a back-up solution - you can still save over $2,700.00 per year ($27,000.00 over ten years) with an On-premise IP-PBX Solution.

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