VoIP Telephone Line Service & SIP Trunking

You'll be amazed at the HD Quality with our VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) Business Telephone line service when compared to Analog lines. You'll be even more amazed at what you can save...

VoIP SIP Trunking has changed the way we do business...

Clearer high definition (HD) quality is one of the first comments we hear about from new customers switching over from older telephone lines to SIP Trunking. While the quality of Voice Over IP line service has gone up and has dramatically increased in use - the cost has also dropped when compared to regular old analog telephone lines.

You too can start saving on your local and long distance costs...


SIP Trunking Service for SOHO, SMB, Small and Medium Size Businesses

$29.99 / Month

Flat monthly rate** - 2x SIP Trunks included for 2 simultaneous calls Per DID (Number)

NO Term Contracts - NO Commitment!

Includes Local and Long Distance Calling in North America

2x SIP Trunks per telephone number (DID~)
Multiple phone number & multiple location capable

Get phone numbers for any Province^

New phone numbers available or port existing numbers

Premium phone numbers available for some regions

Get inbound only phone numbers in other Countries
with additional flat rate pricing (IE: USA/UK/etc.)

Standard local area numbers available.
1800, 1866, 1877 and 1888 numbers available*

Compatible with our
PBX Phone Systems

e911 Services are available - an additional one-time set-up fee of $5.00 plus a $2.50 per month charge is applied to all main accounts for e911 service features to be enabled. Not included in regular monthly fee rates.
^Telephone numbers are available for any Canada wide Province or US State. You can also port your existing numbers in (additional one time porting fees involved).
~Note: Time cap on "fix plans" is 2,000 minutes per DID/line number. Some points in North America, such as Alaska, Yukon, etc. will have additional per minute rates applied.
**Flat Monthly Rate guaranteed in effect for 3 months for new accounts only and may change with-out notice.
*Toll Free Numbers and Trunks are charged at $0.042 USD per minute all inbound and outbound Toll Free calls. Our full TOS (Terms of Service) are located below.